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9th Grade ACP

Throughout their students will explore course options while taking into consideration their skills, interests and personality. They will learn about multiple post-secondary options for the careers they are considering.



In the 9th grade, students will further develop their career planning abilities and learn how career choices impact their economic well-being.  Beyond the career lessons and goal setting completed during their Freshman courses, all freshman will be participating in a coordinated career day with professional guest speakers from our community.


In the 9th grade students will expose themselves to all the BHS programs offered. Students will begin to select 1-2 career clusters of significant interest and potential career choice.

  • 9th Grade ACP Goals 

  • Career Day (Professional Guest Speakers)

  • Xello Lessons and Activities

  • Create a Resume

  • Career Exploration

  • Post-Secondary Exploration

  • Career Matchmaker

  • Write Post-Secondary Goal

  • Mission Statement

  • Introduction to Service Learning

  • Job Interview Skills

  • Mock Interviews

  • Employee Benefit Introduction

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