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7th Grade ACP

 Students will complete interest inventories, career research, set academic and personal goals and do reflections with the support of their teacher. Students will be exposed to a variety of hands-on experiences to help them begin narrowing the focus of possible career options.

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During the 7th grade we will continue to develop students and parents knowledge of Academic and Career Planning. Students will begin to compare and adjust performance to career aspirations.  The primary focus of the 7th grade ACP curriculum is to help students learn about themselves and identify interests they have that can help them with planning in future grades.


In the 7th grade students will expand on their interests by researching at least 2 careers and learn about career clusters.

  • Review of Academic and Career Planning Portfolio

  • Enter at least one academic goal for the school year

  • Update and revise Extracurricular; Hobbies and Interests Resume

  • Complete a new Matchmaker Inventory and save at least 1 additional careers of interest to the portfolio (total of 6 saved careers of interest)

  • Research one saved career of interest in detail and present findings to class

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