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12th Grade ACP

During their senior year, students will execute their plan.  Whether it is preparing for interviews, completing college applications, or meeting with a recruiter; our students will be ready.  As they progress along their career path, we encourage our students to continually reflect, study and refine their plan as needed.



The goal of the 12th Grade ACP is to assist seniors as they finalize their post high school plans by teaching students how to apply for college and sharing what financial aid and scholarship possibilities are available. We will also host a scholarship-writing workshop for interested students.  Other covered content will include updating a resume and letter of application.  All seniors will also participate in a Reality Fair that will simulate a life exercise of budgeting and planning – supported by many local business and professionals. Seniors are also encouraged to conduct college visits and refine their post-secondary plans.


In the 12th grade students will continue to refine and execute their post-secondary plan by completing:

  • 12th Grade ACP Goals

  • College Visits

  • Reality Store

  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Applications

  • Work Based Learning Reflection Video

  • Refine Post-Secondary Plan

  • Final Reflection Paper

  • Senior Conferences

  • Xello Lessons and Activities

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