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6th Grade ACP

Classroom teacher, the Guidance Counselor and the ACP team members will work with students to know, explore, plan, and go. Students continue building awareness through middle school and begin to explore career clusters in a more personalized way. Increased self awareness with ones interests, strengths, soft skills, and personality traits helps students make connections to which career cluster could be a good fit for them They will document this process using Xello so their work follows them to high school.



During the 6th grade we will introduce students and parents to Academic and Career Planning. Students will be able to define ACP and create a personalized SMART goal. The primary focus of the 6th grade ACP curriculum is to help students learn about themselves and identify interests they have that can help them with planning in future grades.


In the 6th grade students will expand on their interests by researching at least 2 careers and learn about career clusters.

  • 6th grade goals for ACP

  • Career Cruising Journal

  • Career Clusters

  • ILP Activities and Lessons

    • Lesson 1: Career Matchmaker Inventory

    • Lesson 2: Career Cluster Study

    • Lesson 3: Career interest research project

    • Lesson 4: 7th grade career day

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